Original Banana Cream Pudding

Our cold, dairy-based pudding consists of only the best ingredients (fresh milk, banana cream pudding mixture, whipped cream, vanilla wafers, and my mom’s secret ingredient) combined to create a cloudy, dreamy pudding with banana flavor that will leave you wanting more!

“Skinny” Banana Cream Pudding

Who said, “Less isn’t more!”  Our low-fat, zero-sugar, gluten-free version of our banana cream pudding is equally as dreamy!  Our cold, low-fat milk, zero-sugar pudding mixture, light whipped cream, gluten-free wafers, and of course, my mom’s secret ingredient, combine to make our “skinny version” just as enjoyable as our original!

Shawn Goes Bananas Banana pudding and Skinny Banana pudding in a glass trifle bowl.
Mixed strawberries and blueberries on a table top
Strawberries and Blueberries mixed together on a countertop

Add-On Fruit Toppings

Elevate your gourmet banana cream pudding experience by adding a fresh fruit topping like bananas, strawberries, or blueberries!

Specialty Item of the Week

Surprise! Our specialty items consist of my mom’s rich banana pudding poke cake, my aunt’s banana pudding red velvet cake, and my grandmother’s tropical Watergate (pistachio) salad! You never know what decadent dessert you’ll find on our menu week after week!

Original & ”Skinny” Gourmet Banana Cream Pudding Available in Larger Sizes

Please ask for additional information.


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